Italy Personalized

Italy is one of the most beautiful and exciting places that I know. I fell in love with the country over a decade ago and have never been the same since. I am passionate about all things Italian and I feel lucky to share this amazing place with the people I meet on our tours. As an ex-patriot living in Rome I understand how it is to be an American traveling, doing business and mixing with the Italian culture.

Rome and Tuscany Tours offers a way to mix it up with native Italians and still experience the things that have inspired pilgrimages to Rome for thousands of years. What sets Rome and Tuscany Tours apart is that everything is personalized and expertly tailored to our client's wants, needs and dreams!

Here are some ideas… perhaps an intimate walking tour of the ' Centro Storico ' or skipping the queue at the Vatican and attending a Private Guided tour of the most visited museum in the world? How about experiencing the ride of your life on a back of a Vespa with one of our Scooteroma tours? Why not incorporate into your itinerary a fantastic getaway to Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast? These are just a few ideas that help define Rome and Tuscany tours. With your input and our expertise they become unique, once in a lifetime, adventures.

All tours are custom and personalized. Please contact Annie & Giovanni for more information on planning your Italian holiday.